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Why Primes?


Primes I.T. Quest series is  K-12 compliant  and  produces desired learning outcomes because:

• the book adopted the  S.T.E.A.M. based approach to bring FUNctional K-12 leaning
• each unit starts with a big idea
• each lesson has a clear learning objectives
• assessment is embedded in the learning plan
• each target has a clear assessment process


Teachers can ...

• educate students to produce expected outcomes
• be confident that they are teaching for understanding
• promote active student learning as they provide clear e-learning objectives
• integrate values and real-world projects and activities
• choose from effective learning activities provided in the teacher’s toolkit


Students can...

• learn and apply integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) content
• evaluate multiple sources of information (text, video, audio, etc)
• identify and understand technologies needed to develop solutions to complex questions
• engage in responsible NETizenship  and practice ethical use of technology to make a difference
• learn  ICT  to acquire lifelong learning skills
• enjoy doing computing activities that practice higher-order and critical thinking skills



IT QUEST SERIES comes with a Teacher’s Toolkit.  This includes helpful tools such as:

• lesson plan in UBD format
• assessment in K-12  KPUP format
• interactive PowerPoint presentations
• web help (
• answer keys
• laboratory exercises
• tests / exam bank
• easy to do real-world projects and activities
• flip teaching
• rubrics
• outcome based learning environment