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Preschool and Elementary

A -  IT Fun

B -  IT Play

C -  Kids IT

1  -  Jumpstart IT

2  -  Easy IT

3  -  Enjoying IT

4  -  IT Glee

5  -  IT is Simple

6  -  IT is Smart

High School and College

IT Web

IT Data

IT Systems

IT Programming

IT in Motion

Office 2007

Office 2010

Introduction to Robotics

Basic Robotics

Java Programming

IT Data - Compact Edition

IT Systems - Compact Edition

IT Web - Compact Edition

IT Programming - Compact Edition

We have everything you need to teach better and still have time for other things that needs your attention.  With our textbooks and teaching aids,  your work becomes lighter, your goals more reachable.  so let PRIMES Learning Company partner with you in teaching our youth.

Our textbooks cover key subject areas from preschool to college.  They are comprehensive:


* up-to-date




*expertly written


*aligned with DepEd and CHED standards and requirements.

Our textbook package also includes:


*a teacher's copy of the book


*a teacher's guide with answer keys


*CD's containing supplementary materials


*videos for listening-viewing activities, and


*ready-made powerpoint presentations of lectures and activities.